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  • To add, edit or delete a user or permission, right click on the grid and select your option from the dropdown menu.
  • A username or email may be used to sign in for any user, but only a username is required.
  • A user's password will automatically be encrypted and is not visible to anyone, even the site owner or site host.
  • To add a permission to a user you must first select them from the list and the right click on the user permission tab grid.
  • If you click on the left most link on a user under "login as" it will allow you to sign-in or emulate that user as if you were using the site as them.
  • The user tabs will allow you to see and store information for your site user as applicable.

*Please note, before you can assign a permission to a user, you must first create that permission. Do this by going in the website builder and going to any page and clicking 'Page Settings' in the toolbox. At 'Page Permissions' click the green + button and add the permssion name and description. You will then have create a new permission available throughout the system. You may need to jump back to the admin page and then into the builder to see your new permission available below.

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